Katie's and Shari's Flips

Without knowing the name for Flipping Instruction, I started doing this a few years ago when I learned about Jing. Here are some of my best and newest. I called them "Screencasts" These videos are all housed on www.screencast.com because Jing and Camtasia studio (as well as Snagit) send the content directly to my account there.
My page on screencast.com is www.screencast.com/users/kregan

The following section has some newer flips that I've created for my 10th grade English students.
How to write a thematic essay video series. I used Power Point and Camtasia Studio for this series. There are four videos in this series:

Critical Lens essay video series. I used Power Point, Drop Box, and the iPad app Explain Everything. Also will include four videos:

These are flips, or screencasts, I created for my 7th graders. Some of them I taught and then screecasted, and others I screencasted, had them watch, and then supported. This is my transitional journey to the flipped classroom because I didn't know that's what I was doing then. I only knew that kids liked videos and kids need to be able to pause and rewind me when they miss or forget something.
Other Flips by Katie for a 7th grade research unit

I used "Seen and Heard," a short story from a previous 7th grade exam. This is part 1, answering multiple choice questions

This is part 2 of the lesson on "Seen and Heard." This is also a lesson on using the Essay prompt in the first paragraph and how to organize your essay using the clues in the prompt.

This is my lesson on first drafts using a written outline.

How to fill out source and note cards!

Using Animoto - an introduction for students for a 10th grade Genocide Project.

NYS ELA Regent's Exam Question #26

NYS Regent's Exam Question #27

A series of Videos to help students navigate Google Docs.