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Shari and Katie have been collaborating and challenging each other since they first met at NYSCATE in 2010. As a team, we offer the complete package. Katie is very much on the technical side and knows the ins and outs of each piece of software. Shari can tell you a million ways to use it. We challenge each other's assumptions and support each other's growth. We are available for talks and presentations regarding the Flipped Classroom as well as professional development in the area of technology integration.
mesmall.jpgKatie Regan's Bio and Message
I am a High School English Educator in the Jordan-Elbridge Central School district in Central NY and currently pursuing my certificate of advanced studies in Educational State University of New York at Oswego. Furthermore, I have been speaking at conferences, giving presentations, and providing quality professional development since 2010.

My passions are engaging students using educational technology and providing interesting professional development to teachers in the areas of technology and instruction.

My hopes through this site are to show teachers what they can do to improve student engagement and how they can support individual learners with varying levels of abilities. I also hope to give teachers a place to go where they can quickly and easily find research, best practices, advice, collaboration, and resources to help implement the flipped classroom.

I also enjoy helping companies improve their educational products. Companies that I have provided feedback for and collaborated with are Techsmith, Remind101, Explain Everything, and
In addition, I was Teacher of the Month in March 2011 for Learn 360 and they showcased me on the blog, BestInTech2011 (

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sharisloane.jpgShari Sloane's Bio and Message
Like my friend, Katie, I am also a High School English Educator with a strong influence in technology. After 10 years of struggling with student attendance, late work and excuses, I discovered Project Based Learning as a means to keep my at-risk students engaged with a reachable, enriching goal that they can complete at their own pace, preferably incorporating multiple subject areas (and technology, of course). But I'm especially drawn toward a social studies concentration in all my English units. I think the Social Studies slant resulted in my disinterest in my own high school social studies classes. Also, as an adult I find the history of humankind fascinating.

Around that same time I dove into Educational Technology, although I had traditionally specialized in teaching myself various software: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Windows Movie Maker. Then I taught myself SmartNotebook software and soon became an Information Technology Professional Development Instructor for my district, specializing in SmartNotebook, Easy Grade Pro, Advanced PowerPoint and Web 2.0.

I began attending NYSCATE conferences in 2009 and was introduced to the Moodle LMS. I had all my classes on my Moodle within the month and used it for 1 1/2 years. But due to a lack of support by my District and the Moodle community, I abandoned Moodle and then switched to SchoolTown. But SchoolTown had its issues as well. Now I'm using Edmodo and LOVE it!

My newest passion, however, is the Flipped Classroom. I think because most of my academic struggles in high school could have been alleviated had I had access to this technology. I was constantly distracted in the classroom setting, rarely getting much out of the lesson. So now I'm flipping most of my instruction as I'm teaching at-risk high school boys.

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